Inicio Celebridades “The Filtered Bar” is the aesthetic initiative of innovative nurses Jolie and...

“The Filtered Bar” is the aesthetic initiative of innovative nurses Jolie and Jess.


Jolie and Jess are nurse practitioners with over 17 combined years of experience caring for patients and their families. For many years they have been in charge of the well-being and comprehensive care of many people, and today they have set themselves a new challenge to help everyone achieve their health and beauty goals.

The Filtered Bar was born with the aim of helping to perfect the natural beauty of each person, offering them a space where they feel at home. Providing the most innovative non-surgical procedures and intravenous infusions to enhance comprehensive beauty. Both nurses are single mothers, and they understand the routine of the busy world we live in, and to top it off the many challenges we face every day.

Our vision of helping people look and feel good has been a fundamental basis on which this wonderful initiative has been built. We want to build trust in people from the inside out through our services. Our mission is to provide excellent service and to tailor your plan of care to your aesthetic and wellness needs for years to come. Health is an investment to which you commit. It takes patience, perseverance and consistency. If you need a little motivation, we are here to guide you in the right direction. We give our compassion for people and this dedication stands out from the others. We are excited to start our new chapter by providing the best and safest care to our community, come in as guests and leave as family.

This tells us Jolie and Jess.

A little about Jolie and Jess:

Nurse Jess was born and raised in Germany, until her military family returned to the United States. She speaks English, German and a little Spanish. Jess has three children and a furry baby named Max. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, eating well, and exercising.
On the other hand, Nurse Jolie is our Advanced Family Practice Registered Nurse. She was born in South Florida and raised in Panama and Costa Rica. She speaks English and Spanish fluently. Jolie has four children and Thalia, a kitten they adopted a few months ago. Jolie likes spending time with her family and friends, getting to know the world and its cultures, the beach and exercising.



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